Calphili Poxul


` medium built, average height
` wears some decent contacts to hide eyes
` not very memorable
` looks like an average human


` Caph was born in Ssaakoss, to a normal family, but they were killed because of a warlock’s spell
` Oldest of 3, took care of his younger sister and brother, eventually brother died bc of starvation, sister also on verge of death
` Made a deal with the Unseelie Court (fae), and lost his lineage, thus the world can’t remember his family and when he dies only the oldest child will remember
` Was marked by turning him into a black-eyed
` Learned to cook + bake, sister died of disease later
` Went to the HS bc he wanted to make sure what happened to him won’t happen to anyone else, doesn’t get deployed very often but is a more than capable force
` Focuses on hand to hand combat but also has access to fae magic bc of his deal

Calphili Poxul

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